Suspended status in authentication


Can we get suspended status in authentication, if the user is suspended?

Hi @konyUser

No, the user does not receive a response saying that his account is suspended when authenticating on /api/v1/authn, however the authentication error is registered inside your Otka tenant’s System Logs.

Thanks @dragos. But i need to lock the user with an api and show locked_out status.
Is it possible ?

Hi @konyUser

We do not have a direct API to lock the user, however, if you want to achieve this use-case, the best solution is to:

  • create a group in which you add only the test user
  • under Security >> Authentication (if you are using Developer Console admin interface, please switch to Classic UI from top left corner), create a policy assigned to the previously created group to lock out the user after 1 unsuccessful attempt
  • try an invalid authentication for the test user and, after it hit the password policy, he will be automatically locked