Sync OKTA and AD password

How are you OKTA Community !?


I search to synchronise my Active directory Password with OKTA.
So i must use Desktop Single Sign One (DSSO).
I want to use my Email adress to login OKTA with Active Directory Password
I don’t know if i must use “OKTA AD password Sync” Agent or not …? or agentless …? or DSSO …
can you help me about this subject ?

thank you so much for your help

i have read the support article but don’ t find the answer…

There are multiple ways to integrate with AD. Maybe you just need to delegate authentication from Okta to AD, that would be the simplest. Every time a user will try to sign into Okta, a request will be send to AD to validate username/password used.

If the scheme above will suffice your requirement, it’d be much simpler than DSSO or Password Sync agent. AD Password Sync intercepts password change operations in AD and clone a new password into Okta. The difference is the former approach doesn’t have a password stored in Okta, while the latter one does have it in the cloud

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hello philipp,

Thank you, If i have understand , I could use authentification Active directory information
(login and password / pwd AD ) without install ‘AD password Agent’ or DSSO mode but just in enable ’ delagate authentification’ mode ?
Many application is linked to OKTA, and login with the same information ( / pwd AD)

thank you philipp !

hi all,

Just enable delagate authentification mode and password synchronisation works.
thank you all !

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