Syslog api, events publication delay?

Hi All,

Has anybody else got a weird behavior while polling syslog api for events, when just made change is visible in the syslog UI, but not seen through syslog API (checked through java SDK and Postman after)?

Is it expected, or am I doing something wrong? To clarify - I’m doing all of this in preview org.

Thank you in advance,

Hi @phi1ipp

This is expected as per the mention in the System Logs API docs:

Not all events for the specified time range may be present— events may be delayed. Such delays are rare but possible

Hi @dragos,

Thank you. Does it matter that it’s said about “Bounded request”, while I’m using polling (no “until” parameter)?

Yeah, events would become visible faster via bounded request. You may experience 1+ minute delay when issuing a polling request. If you don’t have to consume an on going stream of events, I’d suggest issue a bounded request.