Test Your Spring Boot Applications with JUnit 5

Test Your Spring Boot Applications with JUnit 5

Learn how to use JUnit 5 to write Java-based unit and integration tests for your Spring Boot apps.

Jonathan D’Andries

I love this walkthrough. For me, it was a great way to get back into Java, Spring Boot, and unit testing after several months away from programming. Something you might consider as a follow-up is a walkthrough on securing your configuration so that you don’t keep client ID and client secret in source control with your code.

Brian Demers

Great idea for a post!
Off the top of my head a couple options come to mind. Use environment variables (OKTA_OAUTH2_ISSUER, OKTA_OAUTH2_CLIENTID, OKTA_OAUTH2_CLIENTSECRET), or you could use Spring Cloud Config.


senthil kumar

Wonderful blog. It contains everything that i need. Thank you.

Charles Wagon

Thanks for sharing such an amazing amount of effort.