The Best Travel Tips for People In Tech

The Best Travel Tips for People In Tech

Are you in tech? Getting ready to travel? These travel tips will save you time and reduce stress on your next conference or work trip.

Justin James

for packing clothes I roll them to save space. Then to make it quick to re-pack at the end of the trip, each night I roll the dirty clothes up and set aside so on the last day all I have to do it put them into the clothes organizer pouches. Re-packing is now just a few minutes of work even for longer trips.


i dont know if it may help you but for example i book a car before gettng to the destination, so when i get to the airport my car is already waiting for me there

Billy Edwards

You’ve made some great points here. But, I would like to add one more point of concern which is the online safety of the travelers. This is why I recommend every traveler to use a VPN app like Ivacy or Pure at all times to protect their sensitive information online.