Hi Team,
We are doing OKTA authentication for three SAML Apps. For these three apps, We have configured same single sign on URL in all three OKTA Apps.
Once Authentication is done and request is redirected our springboot application. Here we have challenge to find request is coming from which OKTA App. Based on that we will redirect to respective app.
Please advice is there any option available to get OKTA APP NAME from response sent from OKTA. Here I have attached screen shots for your reference.

In case you are initiating SSO from the application side, you should be able to see RelayState parameter sent by your Spring Web app to Okta, indicating original requested URL. Okta will return it back, which can also help you determine where user originally headed to.

If you are initiating SSO from Okta side, you can configure default Relay State, so that it’s different for each app and can be app landing page.

If you don’t mind digging into the assertion, you should be able to see IdP entity ID, which can give you a hint, which Okta app it is from. Also you can configure app name as an additional SAML attribute for each of the applications.

Hi @phi1ipp

We got application name using relayState Thanks. And now we are facing another one challenge, we can able to configure one metadata URL in SpringBoot server, in application properties file for one SAML app, is there any other ways to configure multiple metadata URL in application properties file. Please advice us for this issue. Here I have attached screen shots for your reference.

I honestly don’t know, you would need to ask that on StackOverflow or some other Spring related resource.

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