Token Hook not getting triggerred

I am setting up a new IDP that has Access policy with a rule that is configured for a token hook. The external service is in AWS for the token hook. However, i dont see any logs either in the system log about any error or in AWS as the lambda in AWS is never getting called. I also have a colleague who has set this up and it works for that person, the only difference is the version of the OKTA application. Mine is 2022.12.2 E and his is 2022.12.2 C.

Log flow that does not call the token hook:

Log flow that does call the token hook:

Any help to debug this is appreciated.

Did you make sure that the token being generated is issued by the authorization server you have configured for the hook (same issuer)? If its the right server, make sure the expected Access Policy/Rule (the one with the hook) is being triggered.


Thanks for your response. I figured out the issue. I had two clients POSTMAN and another App. I also add two access rules one for the app and another i said all clients which includes POSTMAN in the access rule. Since i used the app client id and secret for POSTMAN it was triggering the first rule for the app and not many second rule. Once i created a new client id/secrte for POSTMAN the inline hook got triggerred.

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