Translating Okta pages dynamically

I am looking to translate okta sign in page based on session variable for user selected language. As I am using custom sign in widget, i am aware that based on local browser preferences okta translates the page but is there something where we can add the piece of code to get language from session variable and okta translates the content.

Hello @Nimesh,

Can you post a link to the documentation for the session variable you are referring to.

For general information on languages supported and setting the language in the widget see here.

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Hi @erik erik,

Thanks for your response, i have gone through the attached article and based on that i could figure out that okta is able to translate languages based on browser language. But my use case is something like i want to pass a language code in session variable which should be detected by okta sign in widget and translate the sign in page.

Thank you

You can set the language in the widget (if using a custom widget, Okta hosted or self hosted), but you’ll need to determine how to map the session variable information you are referring to to the appropriate language. That way you can load the widget in the desired language directly, instead of it falling back to the language of the users browser, etc.