Trying to interject on sign on to confirm user information periodically

Hi all,

My company is wanting to implement an interjection in the login process where every 6 months a user is prompted to confirm some profile information is still up to date.

Our login page is okta-hosted, and we’re using the Customizations → Sign-in page code editor for some branding customizations and widget configuration. We already have an API built to handle an “is information out of date” check, as well as a SPA to prompt allow information to be confirmed or updated.

The issues I’m running into involve where/how to inject this into the login process. I’ve tried various OktaSignIn methods (renderEl with custom callback method, only showSignIn, showSignInAndRedirect, showSignInToGetTokens), overriding the clientId to our interjection application, and I’m quickly running out of ideas for this case.

My team is trying to implement something very similar. Would greatly appreciate any ideas Okta team has to suggest!