Unable to resolve host "discoveryUrl": No address associated with hostname


I’ve got an iOS app with the sdk.

I use the WebAuthentication to log in (webAuth.signIn), when successfully log in, then I store the token with Credential.store(token)

I’ve set up the current expiration times:


I’ve double checked that the Token object returned in the WebAuthentication (webAuth.signIn method) contains an expiration time of 360 seconds.

But if after one minute of being logged in if I try to refresh the token, and I call Credential.default, I will get null so I won’t be able to do credential.refreshIfNeeded

Am I doing something wrong?


Update: I’ve found that if I do Credential.with(id: idForToken) it would work, but that means I would need to save the tokenId in a persistent way so I can get a Credentials object even if the user closes the app.

Is this the only way?

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Have you run the sample Web Authentication sample,

Hi, Erik

Thanks for the answer

I’ve double checked the example is doing the same than me but I could not run it because it won’t compile, error:

Failed to build module 'PackageDescription' for importation due to the errors above; the textual interface may be broken by project issues or a compiler bug

Update I’ve managed to delete the package dependencies and add them again but I still get the error: No such module 'WebAuthenticationUI'

Maybe I don’t have experience with Swift Package manager ( I’m old fashion fan of Cocoa Pods :slight_smile: )