Unable to Sign in validation message - for user locked out

Hi Team,

one of my OKTA user has failed login in due to “LOCKED OUT” status as showing in the logs however, on the Sign In widget error message is showing as “Unable to Signin”

Sing In Widget message is kind of unrelated to current state of the username i.e user locked out therefore, Sign in widget should also display the message similar to “user locked out” instead of “Unable to Sign In”


Please suggest how can we display the a message based on the current state of the user account status instead of generic message “Unable to Sign in”

Additionally, I have looked into the login properties of i18n and properties contains as message related to user locked out i.e. error code [errors.E0000069 = Your account is locked because of too many authentication attempts.]

Please suggest what can be done in this scenario.

I believe it’s configured in your password policy either to display this info or not to a user. So check the policy and correct it if you want to be able to see a lock out message

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Yup, its the “Show lockout failures” option in the password policy that allows the API to return the more specific locked out error message.

Thank you @andrea/@phi1ipp I tried marking “Show Lockout failures” checkbox but still showing same error on lockout.

No idea now, which setting I can change to show “Error Code specific message on signIn Widget”
Please help.!!