Unattended authentification and use token to access Sharepoint

Hi all,

I am building an application which is driven by a nodejs graphql app.

Within one of the queries, we need to retrieve data from Sharepoint to then resolve as per the schema.

The problem is, the organisations Sharepoint is authenticated with OKTA.

So, the plan is;

  1. Use fixed OKTA credential (retrieved from process.env) to get the necessary access tokens.

  2. Use the tokens communicate with sharepoint api

All this should done in one query flow. Is this possible?

Hi there.

It may be a good idea to raise a ticket with the okta development team and/or microsoft if you want to find out if this is possible.

Otherwise if you are open to suggestions; I recommend looking into Microsoft’s Graph API. It has limited functionality but should otherwise help retrieve the information you are looking for. I recommend using the graph API with an Okta agent or Okta webhook so you can change the user’s information when needed.

Is there any specific event when you retrieve the data to resolve?