Update Okta application

I would like to create API PUT requests in order to update an application.
The application type is AWS federation:

  1. I want to update the “Provisioning” configuration, configure & enable API integration with “Access Key” and “Secret Key”.

  2. I want to update the “Sign On” configuration in the “SAML 2.0” option, update “Identity Provider ARN”, “Application username format”, and “Session Duration”.

Is it possible?
Hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Daniel W.

Currently this is supported in Early Access (EA) for Org2Org SAML applications.

In order to set this up in your Org the App configuration API access EA feature needs to be enabled. This will allow using the APIs from the link above for Org2Org SAML applications.

For non Org2Org SAML apps you can use the API to configure the ‘Sign On’ tab, but any provisioning settings for the application will be lost after the API call.