Update Session ID/Access Token With Updates to User Claims


Just to start off the setup I am currently using is .Net Core with an Okta web app using the authorization code flow. I have added a few custom attributes to my Okta users profile and included them as claims in both the id and access token.

When a user logs into my app there are certain use cases where these attributes must be updated by way of Oktas users API. What I would like to do is once these changes are made to a users Okta profile to then update the current sessions id and access tokens so these updated attributes will show the new value in the token claims?

Is this possible? If so how would I go about doing that?

Hi @mzielke

In order to have an access token updated with the user’s new details, you need to request a new JWT from Okta, either from /authorize or /token endpoint, depending on the flow that you are using.