Update user mail problem


I’m trying to update the users mail.
Im using the endpoint idp/myaccount/emails.

The flow i want :

  • 1: User can update his mail, so he can enter the new mail in a html input.
  • 2: He clicks on “Update”, an email is sent to the new mail with a code.
  • 3: He validates the code.
  • 4: The “PRIMARY” mail change AND the login change

My problem is between step 2 and 3.
The mail is sent, the current PRIMARY mail does not change BUT the login change instantly, without confirmation.

A quick briefing :
At start I have : Login → foo@gmail.com | Mail → foo@gmail
I POST idp/myaccount/emails (with bar@gmail.com) and BEFORE I even confirm the mail i have :
Login → bar@gmail.com | Mail → foo@gmail.com

Does someone faced this problem before ? Anyon have an idea ?
Thank you ! :smiley: