[URGENT] How do I enable "Launch this app when I sign in to Okta" checkbox when creating user

Hi ,

I am using Rest API to “Create User without password” in Okta. When the activation link is send in the email then it opens okta interface with the app but I want to launch the app by default and don’t want to show users that interface… How do I implement that using rest api during registeration.

Any documention would also be good.

You have a couple of options:

  1. You can use ‘Default app for sign-in widget’ feature in Okta. You can find details here:

  2. You can update the link in your Okta activation emails to redirect after activation.
    Make sure <application-url> is added to Trusted origins in Okta.

@hx01 and i are experiencing same thing.

thx mate. you’re a lifesaver. @hx011