User assignment failing


I’m trying to assign users to my SAML app with SCIM provisioning, but I keep getting this error:

No requests are made to my API (I’m testing it via local host with ngrok) and I cannot find a solution anywhere.

Is this Cloud SCIM or OPP?

In Cloud SCIM (SCIM 2.0 or 1.1), Okta will attempt to search for the user on the SP side (to see if they already exist there) before attempting to create them. To do so, we make a GET request to /Users?filter=username to search for the user being synced. As the error hints, we expect to either get a single result back (aka, there IS a matching user on the SP side, so link the user in Okta with that user) or no results (user does NOT exist on the SP side, user needs to be created via POST).

Does your SCIM integration support this filter parameter?

That’s it! My API doesn’t support this filter parameter :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the quick answer, it helped me a lot.

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