User Get not Returning Correct Timezone/Local

I setup a test user with a Locale of “en_US” and a TimeZone of “America/New_York” and then logged in with that user, and changed the password.

After that, when I pull that User from the Okta SDK (Legacy Client SDK), it’s returning the incorrect time for LastPasswordChanged and LastLogin - is there anything I’m missing here in order to get the correct times back?


The times returned in the response body are NOT tied to the user’s locale (they should all be UTC). Is this what you are seeing?

@bdemers Yes, that is what I’m seeing. I was confused by the documentation as it states the user’s locale property is used “…for purposes of localizing items such as currency, date time format, numerical representations, etc.”. To me, that meant that setting their locale would then return me date’s formatted to their locale and time zone, but I see now that’s not the case. Thanks!

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Ahh, I can see the confusion with that description, but as you noticed It’s basically so you can handle any thing locale specific in your own application.

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