User is redirected to login when launching app


we have a growing problem with our Okta application. We have some feedback from our users that the first time of the day when they open our app, they are redirected to the login page. The next time they try, it works - until tomorrow.

I am having a very hard time reproducing the issue myself, but I have visited the users reporting the problem and it is indeed as they describe it. Here are some observations:

  • Logging into Okta Dashboard always works. It is the app that redirects to Okta-Login-Widget on app side.
  • The logs in Okta says the user have logged in successfully, and then logged out successfully.
  • This issue have so far only occured on one customer, but it does occur on everyone. The customer uses AD to login (we have setup Identity Provider). I have been provided a test-user, but I do not encounter this problem, which makes me wonder if there is a computer policy that is breaking with Okta.

During my research, I have found this which is somewhat like what I am experiencing. However, it doesnt look like we are using the Angular library and so the fix from here doesnt apply for us.

Does anyone have any clue on what could be happening, or give me some advice on how I can further investigate and debug this issue? Because of the AD aspect, a lot of users are redirected to the normal Okta-login page, and then try to input their AD credentials here, which fails (obviously) and causes a lot of support.