User Types API returns 403 when using access token

I have created a OAuth app in okta and I’m using authorization code flow to get access token. I’m able to call all other API using access token except user types API, it returns 403 forbidden. If I use API token I can access user types API.
I get the following response when I use access token to call user types API


    "errorCode": "E0000005",

    "errorSummary": "Invalid session",

    "errorLink": "E0000005",

    "errorId": "oaeygU0Zcm3QjqRCnw1UmJsds",

    "errorCauses": []


Thank you

This endpoint (/api/v1/meta/types/user) unfortunately does not support OAuth as of yet - Please feel free to upvote the feature request in our Ideas Portal here

Hi @tyty,
Thank you for the reply, Is there any workaround or alternative API to get all User types using OAuth token.