Users API 403 E0000005 response

When calling https://{{OKTA_DOMAIN}}/api/v1/users/{{login}} via Postman I am able to successfully retrieve the user information.

When calling the same URL in NodeJS (NestJS/Axios) passing the same SSWS {{apikey}} Authorization header used in the Postman request I receive the following response

{ errorCode: 'E0000005',
        errorSummary: 'Invalid session',
        errorLink: 'E0000005',
        errorId: 'oaeNap_mXcbTcyCF5Xxm3ifMw',
        errorCauses: [] }

Can you make sure you’re hitting the right endpoint when you make the call in Node?

Forewarning that I will chide you if this is not a server application and this /users call is being made on the front end.

Almost that bad :cry: Typo in my code for building the Authorization header. Had SWSS instead of SSWS

oh no! Well at least you caught it fast

Now I’m seeing the same response for lifecycle/activate

URL: https://${oktaDomain redacted}/api/v1/users/3443434343434/lifecycle/activate?sendEmail=false

I know for certain that it’s not the Authorization header because it’s using the same header being used for the base user API calls that work. Also, I can paste the same URL being used in the Node call into Postman and it works.

Nevermind, another user error on my part with the httpclient post parameters.

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