Using custom UI to authenticate in Android


We want to migrate to the latest SDK GitHub - okta/okta-mobile-kotlin: Okta's Android Authentication SDK

We use a custom UI to log in the user in the android mobile app.
I would like to confirm if the right way to do that is using okta-mobile-kotlin/session-token-sample at master · okta/okta-mobile-kotlin · GitHub

I am a little confuse on the interactions and with the dependencies, should I still use:

implementation "com.okta.sdk:okta-sdk-okhttp:${libVersions.okta.okHttp}"
implementation "com.okta.authn.sdk:okta-authn-sdk-api:${libVersions.okta.sdkApi}"
implementation ("com.okta.authn.sdk:okta-authn-sdk-impl:${libVersions.okta.sdkImpl}")
    exclude group: 'com.okta.sdk', module: 'okta-sdk-httpclient'