Using Okta as a unified User Management service for several apps

As we grew, we acquired several products under our name, each product with its own SPA, Domain and user management flows. We would like to unify user authentication under one Okta account.

As I see it, A first step would be to create a matching Okta user for each of our users (across products), in our Okta account.

Allowing us to use Okta’s API on each product’s BE to authenticate the user (u/p), replacing current auth methods.

The second step would be to keep the user authenticated across all relevant products. Question is, How would we go about implementing this? Seeing that different products live in different domains.

Hi Rani, is all of this spread across multiple Okta orgs that you are looking to unify under one central org?

Hi Louie,

No. I have several products (apps), each with their own user management and auth flows.

I would like to replace and merge their user management and authentication under one Okta org.
Issue is that some of these apps reside in different domains. I would like an SSO type of behavior, and I’m trying to understand if it’s possible to do, seeing that there are several different domains.