Using Okta as proxy to authenticate with Tableau

I have an authentication requirement for a web application I’m designing based on React.

The requirement is to enable users to login via SAML using the credentials they already have with their IDP (Active Directory, Okta, etc). Once they login to the app some resources will be provided along with access to Tableau. The users will have an account on Tableau. We are planning to use Okta as the IDP for the Web app. I know SAML can be used with Okta and Tableau, however it is not clear to me what will be the process to use their login with Okta to authenticate them with Tableau without asking them for their credentials on Tableau. I checked some of the documentation posted in Okta but I still have doubts if what I’m planning to do is feasible - maybe I still don’t have a good understanding of SAML, IDP integration, etc. Can someone point me to documentation and/or a sample I can check for this?

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What you can do is to have Tableau integrated with Okta (there is Tableau in OIN or as a vanila SAML application). After you verify this integration working, you can grab an “embedded URL” available in Okta for users to go directly into Tableau, if they hit this URL.

After you authenticate your users with Okta in your own application, their browser should have a session cookie from Okta, so that if you redirect a user to that embedded URL they should be able to go into Tableau w/o any re-authentication (as long as their session in Okta is still active, based on Authentication policy)