Using postman to get Access Token

Hi @reemasaluja,

Have you tried refreshing the access token using postman collections?
I believe the documentation in this link is quite straightforward -

I understand that using interceptors in postman can be hard, so you can try the following -

  1. Go to (This is a tool written by @nate.barbettini to test OIDC endpoints)
  2. Enter the details according to your org. (You can set the state to any value)
  3. Make sure that you have added the redirect uri into your okta web application
  4. An authorization code will be returned to you in the next page, which can be used to get tokens using postman
  5. You can now use this refresh token to get a new access token

Try the above steps and see if it works for you.
If it works in postman, I don’t see a reason for it not working in your code.

BTW, in the code you posted I see you’re using in Authorization header. Can you check if it’s defined or if you should be using config.auth.clientId?

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