Utilize Company okta account


We’re developing an internal application wherein the users are all internal employees but with strict permission based on users business unit.

Our company has en existing okta org account, we use okta to login to our sharepoint intranet site, office 365 apps, Cisco jabber , etc.

My questions are:

How do we utilize our companies okta org account ot use in our app? Do we need to create separate okta org?

We need okta authentication for our application authentication since the users of our application will be internal employees.

We’ve already created a separate okta domain for dev testing.


You would create a new “application” on in your Okta admin console and use that for your application.
We recommend using an OAuth/OIDC in your application, take a look at: https://developer.okta.com/quickstart

We also have a bunch of blog posts on http://developer.okta.com/blog covering a other language frameworks.

What type of application are you building?

We’re building a contact information matrix, it’s basically a central location for our distributors details.

We create application on the Okta admin console on the okta org that we’ve created? with the ___.oktapreview.com domain?

If yes, i think we’ve already covered that part, the part we’re missing are the ways on how we can utilize our companies AD thru okta.

We’ll explore the links that you’ve share and we’ll see if we can have a solution there.


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