Verifying an Okta token from Node with OktaJwtVerifier

When instantiating a new instance of OktaJwtVerifier from a nest.js service I get:

“TypeError: jwt_verifier_1.default is not a constructor”

This despite following the official guide Build Your First NestJS Application | Okta Developer

a code snippet would be helpful, or are you saying the the example provided by the URL is not working?

import { Injectable } from ‘@nestjs/common’;
import OktaJwtVerifier from ‘@okta/jwt-verifier’;

export class OktaTokenValidatorService {
private oktaVerifier: any;
private audience: string;

constructor() {
this.oktaVerifier = new OktaJwtVerifier({
issuer: ‘’,
clientId: ‘xyzxyzxyz’,

this.audience = 'xyzxyzxyz'


async validateToken(token: string): Promise {
const jwt = await this.oktaVerifier.verifyAccessToken(token, this.audience);
return jwt;

The resolution to this issue was that the import for OktaJwtVerifier should in fact be the following:
import * as OktaJwtVerifier from '@okta/jwt-verifier';


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