Vue auth callback timeout on S3

I have authentication working when running locally. Is there anyway I can use Vue authentication while hosting the generated site on S3 or do I need to look at alternative hosting methods?
Works fine when running in dev with webpack.
Update: I have also tried hosting on Heroku, being served by Express as static but get Cannot GET /implicit/callback on callback.
Has anyone else had similar issues with a static site?
With S3 hosting I get a timeout and when using CloudFront on same S3 bucket I get:

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I have the same issue and this SO thread does too.

I think it must be something to do with building the project and serving it statically.

I’m running the Vue sample App with Okta OIDC. When I run it in Dev mode - served with the Vue-CLI - everything works like a champ. However, if I build the project to dist and serve the project statically I get the same error “Cannot GET \implicit\callback” from the server. It doesn’t matter if I serve the project statically on my local machine or if I serve it on a hosted service (Heroku or AWS S3).