Want my app to NOT redirect to Okta Login Page

Hi, I have a React App using Express/Node backend. I’m using Okta to handle authentication/log-in, but I want to ONLY use my own React-designed login form. For React, I’m using the okta-react package to handle the Login, and on the Express backend I am using Okta-Jwt-Verifier to verify the web tokens.

I have things working mostly just how I want, except that when I log-in from my app, I get redirected to the Okta sign-in page and have to log-in again. Once I log in here a second time, I am redirected to the /implicit/callback of my site, and it renders the page correctly and loads the data.

I also notice that this redirect/forced second log-in doesn’t happen all the time. Only once in a while, or when I open an incognito window. So after logging in on the Okta page, this part “remembers” me, so I can log-out and log back in from within my App without being redirected to the Okta login page.

However, I would like my users to NEVER be redirected to the Okta sign-in page, and only have to have them log in from my React app.

Can anyone please tell me why this is happening to me, and how I can fix it? Thanks very much. Below is the React code that is executed when I click the submit button on my app’s login form.

handleSubmit(e) {
username: this.state.username,
password: this.state.password,
baseUrl: config.okta.url,
clientId: config.okta.client_id,
redirectUri: config.okta.redirect_uri
.then(res => {
this.setState({sessionToken: res.sessionToken});
.catch(err => {
this.setState({ error: err.message });
console.log(err.statusCode + ’ error’, err);