WARN: Memory storage can only support simple single user

We are using signInWithCredentials in a nodejs application for authentication only, we just want to verify that the use id and password are valid before proceeding to the next step. Everything is working as expected in the application the only issue is we are seeing the Error/warning below in our logs on the server:
[ERR] {okta-auth-sdk] WARN: Memory storage can only support simple single user use case on server side, please provide custom storageProvider or storageKey if advanced scenarios need to be supported.

I know signInWithCredentials is a client side api call and is meant to store session data in the browser, we are not using or dependent on any of the session data. What does this waning mean? Will this eventually cause issue on the server over a period of time? As I mentioned earlier everything currently seems to be working fine.

I’m seeing the same thing using token.decode and was also curious about it.

I solved my problem. My solution was setting the token manager storage to an object overriding the default memory cache used when running server side (nodejs).

authenticateUser: (authenticateUserPayload: UserCredentials) => {
const client = new OktaAuth({
url: process.env.OKTA_URL,
clientId: process.env.OKTA_SIGNIN_CLIENT_ID,
issuer: process.env.OKTA_URL,
//override memory cache
tokenManager: {
storage: {}