WebForm signs out but Okta stays authenticated

On my ASP.NET WebForm, when I log out I call the following:

This successfully signs me out of my web form but it does not log me out of Okta so when the page refreshes, I am reauthenticated and logged back into my webform. It is my understanding that the above Signout is supposed to log me out of Okta. Is that not accurate?

If I change the call to be:

Context.GetOwinContext().Authentication.SignOut( CookieAuthenticationDefaults.AuthenticationType, OpenIdConnectAuthenticationDefaults.AuthenticationType);

Then I get an error from Okta saying:
Error Code: invalid_token Description: The id token is invalid.

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Hi there,

I’m having the exact same (and result) with both options…

Have you found a solution for this?

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I too am facing the exact same issue…

Has anyone found a solution for this?

Any one found a solution to this issue? I am still looking. Any help is highly appreciated.