What is supposed to be in the Groups attribute field to the Users endpoint?


I am having an issue where my groups attribute to the Users endpoint is empty – that is, if I assign a user to a group that is already been pushed to my SCIM-provisioned app, the request to the Users endpoint has an empty groups attribute. My question is how to fix the issue firstly, so that that groups attribute is not empty, but secondly, what would be in that groups attribute? Would it be all the groups that particular user is a part of, or just the group already pushed to the SCIM integration?


The groups attribute you see getting sent to your Users endpoint is associated with Group Push. If you are currently using Group Push, this attribute will be populated with a list of all pushed (or imported) groups the user is a member of. If the user is not a member of any pushed groups, the attribute will be an empty array.

Thanks for the clarification!

I think you have an issue with the “groups” attribute in the Users endpoint of your SCIM-provisioned app. To fix it:

  1. Check your SCIM configuration for mapping user-group relationships.
  2. Adjust sync frequency if needed.
  3. Monitor for error messages.
  4. The “groups” attribute should include all user group memberships, not just those pushed to SCIM.

Hope this helps!