What is the expected Okta behavior on logout?

Let’s say that I have two separate React applications: App1 and App2. Let’s also assume they are both on the same domain.

If I press the logout button on App2 what is the expected behavior of App1? What should happen if I try to access a page that requires authentication or if I refresh the page?

I ask because I was assuming that when I log out of Okta that it will kill my session within the same domain. Thus App1 would require a new login once the page is refreshed or if I tried to access something that required auth (like navigating to another secured page).

Is my assumption incorrect? Because I am having to logout of both apps and I am wondering why that is. I don’t want my users to be allowed access to App1 once their Okta session is terminated (due to logging out of App2 or some other reason).