What kind of metadata do I send?

Hi, I created a little .Net Core app that uses the ITfoxtec SAML 2.0 library. I am using Okta as my SAML Identity Provider.

It was incredibly easy to set up because Okta took care of a lot of the work, but now I need to try and connect to an enterprise SAML Identity Provider.

They are asking me for metadata.

What kind of data do I need to send them? Like my app name and URL? Or is it more complicated?


Hi @miner49er! Are you referring to the IDP XML metadata - Okta Help Center (Lightning)?


My web app is the service provider and I need to connect to the identity provider that is using SAML 2.0. They asked that I send them metadata. Iā€™m not sure how to generate the metadata or what needs to be in it. Thanks!

Hi @miner49er if you need to provide the SP with a metadata from Okta (the IDP) you would need to follow the steps in this link Okta Help Center (Lightning) to obtain the metadata.

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