Which scope is required to access /me endpoint using client authentication method

Hi All,

Which scopes are required to access /api/v1/users/me endpoint.
I am using client credential flow to generate an access token.

the client credentials flow does not have user context and it won’t have a user tied to the access token;
the /me endpoint would need to be used with a session cookie, so if you are logged in to okta, you can just open in a new tab the /api/v1/users/me URL or do a CORS request to it from your application.

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Hi @Fuzzard ,

Thank you for you clarification.
I am facing same issue while access user type API.

Could you please let me know is there any scopes available to access user type API.

I believe you need to grant the scopes okta.schemas.read or okta.schemas.manage depending on what you’re trying to do.

I had tried it by providing okta.schemas.read or okta.schemas.manage but it is throwing an error as
Invalid session

Sorry, I confused the endpoint /api/v1/meta/types/user with /api/v1/meta/schemas/user/.

It does look like the scope I suggested will work for /api/v1/meta/types/user.