Why Every Developer Needs to be a Generalist

Why Every Developer Needs to be a Generalist

Specializing in one particular framework or area of coding may catapult you initially, but won’t be sustainable in the long term. Learn why you should broaden your knowledge base in this article.

Sara Morgan

Great article! I agree with all of it.

Leon Sutedja

I think that this is an interesting article. Although I may not agree all the points, I see some valid points.

The article started of good and made few valid points, especially about the opinionated discussions happening about generalist vs specialist.

I also really like the points about few things the developers should focus on. They are quite valid. Although, I may not fully agree on the machine learning, but that is purely subjective.

What I hoped to gain was the definition of being a generalist itself. I didn’t really get this particular point from the article. What does it mean to be a generalist in tech? And more importantly, how to be a generalist.

Hope to see this in the next article!


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