Why is my bundle size so large?

The bundle size of the okta-signin-widget seems massive and a lot for a customer to download. Am I possibly doing something wrong or something I can check in my webpack config? It is for a react application.
Also, in the screenshots you will see that the bundle size is the same with useClassicEngine set to true or false. Shouldn’t they be different sizes?
useClassicEngine: true

useClassicEngine: false

Hi @jchabot86, The standard bundle (okta-sign-in.min.js ) includes support for both Classic and Identity Engines, however you can use the smaller bundle specific to your tenant.

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How do I pull that using webpack? We’re using the okta-signin-widget npm module - not the CDN.
I thought setting the indicator in the widget allowed the build to know to pull in just the bundle it needed.

Hi @jchabot86,

You may want to use the externals configuration option from Webpack to load a desired version from the cdn instead of bundling the module which contains the whole package.