Wildcards for okta app def in admin panel

Eric W. Brown

Okta Developer Support developers@okta.com; michael.hendrickson@okta.com

In our development environment, we keep a root and branches of our apps.

they get URLS matching their names.

Example from jobcorps.oktapreview.com

https://studentportal4api.jcdev.org ← root

https://studentportal4api-11.jcdev.org < - Branch


https://studentportal4api-12.jcdev.org ← Second branch

I’d like to avoid having to create a new okta application for each subsequent branch.

If you look at teh Admin console, only 1 login redirect url is allowed, thus one URL per applicaiton.

It mentions wildcards, but googling seems to indicate that they don’t allow a redirect url like


which would look at the url being called and figure out the value of *.

Is there any way to do this, or do we have to create a new okta applicaiton for each branch (1_2) at each level of testing (local,dev,qa,etc)?



Hi, Eric. The wildcard should work for this, as it would be in the subdomain portion of the URL. Should this not give the desired outcome, you can also click on the Add URI button and add additional sign-in redirect URIs and sign-out redirect URIs as needed. Please let me know if you have any further questions or issues.

Just to be double sure, Even in the initiate login URL?

I thought that one only allowed single non * urls?




You can add multiple static sign-in redirect URIs.
There can be only a single initiate login URI and this will use the very first sign-in redirect URI you have listed when doing an IdP initiated login flow.

Thank You,

Can you use wild cars in the initiate login url, so that i can use one applications definition for multiple websites in the







There can only be a single initiate login URL and it can’t contain wild cards as there is no way to know what to substitute for wildcard values in an IdP initiated flow.