Workday connector : filter user data

Similar question was already posted on forum earlier, however no resolution was mentioned on this: Okta Help Center (Lightning)

We have Workday > Okta integration to create users in Okta. The Workday tenant contains more than 10k users but we only want few users in Okta to test identity lifecycle based workflows. We want to achieve this based on a specific filter (probably based on value of Supervisory Org). We did not find anything in the standard workday connector offered by Okta. Is there any solution on this to be implemented from Okta side?

We have tried this also on Workday side for filter : placing the workday API user in a Constrained Security Group, which can only be constrained by Org Assignment. However, when we implement this on Workday side it is throwing error on Okta side during user import as:

Unable to fetch Workday users: The data you are trying to fetch is outside of your Constrained Security Group: Validation error occurred. The entered information does not meet the restrictions defined for this field. (Worker_Reference)

This restriction is set at workday level, however Okta is trying to pull all user data from workday and that is why it is throwing error. We cannot customize anything on Okta side for this. Is there anyway we can put this restriction at Webservice endpoint URL level with query parameter, so that even if this user API_User has permission, it will not read everything there is on Workday side.

Is there any possible solution on this?

There is native solution on this and filter is not possible even with any customization on Workday or Okta side