Workflow to add user in bacthes

Hi All,

I am working on a use case where we have a workflow event scheduler and helper.

  1. Currently scheduler event looks for all active user and pass the id to the helper workflow event
  2. helper event add those users in a particular group, however since the number of users is very high (more than 4 million) workflow event stops after adding 2 million user.

I need help adding those users in batches.

I have added a custom boolean attribute (value1)in the user profile and set the value to true in the helper event after the user gets successfully added to the group.

In the scheduler workflow event, I am using “List user with the search” but I am unable to filter out if value1 is not equal to true. Its giving me bad search filter.

Can someone please help how can we search not equal condition in workflow event or any alternate approach to achieve the above use case

Let me know if more details are needed.