Working Okta App Sudden Logout/Login Fail in Safari

To context for this is that we are developing an application in Vue that Okta Authentication has been working just fine in for months. Apparently after upgrading from Safari 13.05 to Safari 13.1, I have a user who can no longer logout/login of the application. It fails on the Okta URL callback.

MacOS 10.15.3
Safari 13.1

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, is there a patch in the works?

@bhouse1273 The problem your user experienced is most likely a result of Intelligent Tracking Prevention. The Full Third-Party Cookie Blocking blog was published right around the time that you reported the issue.

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Thanks for the reply, although I am having trouble figuring out how this would affect Okta logout. Is there a specific remedy?

IAC, we have since upgraded to the 2.0.0 vue-okta API and added the signout URI to the app and the corresponding Okta console page. While this stopped us from getting the 400, now we have the problem that the logout call is blocked intermittently on all browsers.