Xamarin - OAuth2Authenticator - redirect not working


I have an issue where my app “launches” the Okta login page, I login correctly but it does not return to my app, but instead, redirects to my okta dashboard???
If I hit “Back” it returns to my app as IsAuthenticated =false.

I know this is identicle to a previous post in Nov’20 but there does not seem to be a resolution??

has anyone got OAuth2Authenticator working or can suggest another way?

Here’s my viewmodel code…

string clientID = “xxxxxxxxxx”;
string scope = “openid,email”;
string oktaDomain = “https://dev-xxxxxxxx.okta.com”;
string redirectURL = “com.okta.dev-xxxxxxxx:/callback”;

var _authenticator = new OAuth2Authenticator(clientID,
new Uri(oktaDomain),
new Uri(redirectURL),

_authenticator.AllowCancel = true;
_authenticator.ShowErrors = true;

var _presenter = new OAuthLoginPresenter();

_authenticator.Completed += _authenticator_Completed;

here’s my mainactivity.cs code…

[Activity(Label = “LoginCallbackInterceptorActivity”, NoHistory = true, LaunchMode = LaunchMode.SingleTop)]
actions: new { Intent.ActionView },
Categories = new { Intent.CategoryDefault, Intent.CategoryBrowsable },
DataScheme = “com.okta.dev-xxxxxxx”,
DataPath = “/callback”
public class LoginCallbackInterceptorActivity : Activity


Any help will be appreciated

Kind Regards