YubiKey revocation using the Factors API

Hi all,
Reviewing the Factors API documentation, I can see that I can upload configuration for a new YubiKey, and assign it to a user (enrollment).Then I can reset it (so it’s not allowed for the user), but I can’t find how to revoke it (that is, how to delete the configuration form Okta so I can reload it with a new configuration). What I’m looking for is to do the same action that is now available from the Admin console using the “Revoke YubiKey Seed” option but using the API. Any help is appreciated!

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It looks like there’s an endpoint for uploading the Yubikey seed but I don’t see an endpoint to revoke it. That might be an action available only in the admin dashboard.

I would suggest submitting a feature request.

Cheers, thanks for the clarification