2 Input Fields for Username on Hosted Login Widget


Can I use the hosted login widget (with customizations) to have multiple input fields for authenticatoin? Moving from a legacy system, I need to bridge and have the username made up of two separate input fields (think: RegionID, UserID). I know I can use an event to merge these before they go to Okta (Okta will only see one combined username that is RegionID+UserID), but how can I get the input captured in 2 separate fields for the username?

Hi @chu123

We do not have an out of the box integration for this scenario, however you can create a custom integration that would do the following operations:

  • Take the username and password and verify them against the /api/v1/authn endpoint
  • If the credentials are valid, the third field would be verified against a profile attribute that the user has
  • If the profile attribute matches the third field, the user is allowed to log in

I don’t know that it needs to be even that hard? If I can just insert another text box (with the same Okta look’n’feel), I think I can just use transformUsername: function (username, operation) function to merge the two input fields, no?