Self hosted widget does not display password on the same screen as username

I have been following this thread to see if It can fix my issue, but so far I’ve had no luck.


My application setup is:

  1. OIDC based SPA
  2. A User group that is assigned to this application.
  3. Default “Any Two Factors” authentication policy is assigned to the group.
  4. Under Authenticators >> Enrollment added a custom policy to manage allowed factors.
  5. As mentioned in the thread above, I changed the gloabl session policy settings to “A Password”.

I am still getting the widget with only username field to start the auth process.
Okta details: Version 2023.07.0 E

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Do you have any Routing Rules enabled for your org/app that would route a user to an external IdP based on their username/user attributes?

With Routing Rules enabled, Okta first requests the username so it can determine if the user has a password in Okta or not. If they’re Okta users, the password input will be displayed on the next page, while external users will be redirected to their IdP.

Hey, I don’t think I have any external IdP enabled. Okta is the source of truth for the user auth.

Edit: Moreover, this seems to work if I input any dummy id which is not part of okta users. It will let me enter the incorrect user name, then on the next screen, password as well. But then trying to signin will fail as expected.