Can we have 2 different okta widgets in one app based on users selection

We want to integrate org to org okta signin on react for internal and external users. With app hosted okta sign in widget, we are unable to redirect back on app’s url after login of internal users. With external users its working fine. Do we have only option to use okta hosted sign in widget in this case?

Only the internal users have this issue?

I don’t see why you couldn’t have the internal users login via the Okta Hosted widget instead of an embedded one, but its strange that the internal users are the ones that have this issue. Where do they currently wind up after they login?

They are londing on okta home page instead of App’s redirect page. Hence, we have changed our approach and now using redirect modal for Internal user;s login. Its working fine. Only issue we have is, We are unable to pass the preferred language on okta widget.

const oktaAuth = new OktaAuth(widgetinfo);
oktaAuth.signInWithRedirect({ originalUri: /${locale}/dashboard });

We have spanish language in widgetinfo, still the widget on okta is coming in English.