400 Bad Request when trying to logout by redirecting

Have been facing issue with the logout even though the created urls is correct & it works fine without post_logout_redirect_uri.
But when that gets passed then its start returning 400 Bad Request specifying:
“Your request resulted in an error. The ‘post_logout_redirect_uri’ parameter must be a Logout redirect URI in the client app settings: https://…”.

I have check the redirect URI & I had it already in the Trusted Logout Redirect URI List, also checked for it for case-sensitivity but it is correctly mentioned.
I just don’t get it now why I’m getting this Error.



None of those works with “post_logout_redirect_uri”, but the 2nd URL mentioned work if just ID_Token is passed.

I have checked all following posts for reference & I have it all configured as its required, but still its not working:

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Hi @PersiAbhi,
It looks like your URI contains some special characters in it, have you tried URL-encoding the string before including it in the redirect to the /logout endpoint?