404 / redirect issue / Okta Widget in React app

Hi all. I have created a React app and using the most recent release of the Okta Widget for sign-in purposes. I followed the Okta Widget/React sample. Everything ran like a charm locally but when I attempt to deploy my app to other cloud providers, I consistently get a 404 Not Found error when I authenticate successfully and the redirect back to my app occurs.

I have tried a number of various combinations of Login/redirect URIs using the /implicit/callback.

What I do not quite understand is when testing locally, upon redirect to my localhost:3000/implicit/callback there was never anything appended to the URI. However, when I deploy to ‘production’, I have the the id_token and several other params passed back.

Am I doing something incorrectly where I need to actually store those off the URL and use within my app? I did not see any reference to that in the sample or other samples I found on the web.

Many thanks for any and all assistance! Was so excited to learn integrating with Okta only to receive a big goose egg when deploying to production :frowning:

I have the same problem with my React app :(.

Hi, I have the same issue! Have you manage to solve it? Any solution?