Okta-react : redirect uri to a hash based url react app


I have my react application that uses hash based url’s (http://localhost:8080/#/login), on my SPA app I have "
http://localhost:8080/implicit/callback" as my callback url. My routes configuration has , so everything in place.

But after provide my credentials (user/pass) on the okta-signin-widget, I have “http://localhost:8080/implicit/callback#/code=rCZxRR9mQ8_VTQHyCMLU&state=fTvGLGXqjx1QenupaZy5dBHzrUbYxjs4DCn6jvYHkIfualK01TqVW” as result of the redirect from OKTA, but this results in a not found, probably because of the hash based url.

I have been walking in circles with this issue, can somebody help-me with ideas on how to solve this?


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I am also kind of same situation. I am planning to use Javascript based authentication provided by Okta. Did you find any possible solutions around?
Possible solutions i can think of…

  1. Replace with the Browser routers
    2.Create a new Login page in Public folder and when Okta redirection land on that page and take it from there to APP(Not sure it’s efficient)