Access token always contains default for aud

We are using OIDC and able to generate access token. But generated access token always contains default value for aud i.e. “aud”: “api://default”. How can we change this?

Audience value is not editable for the application on Okta Admin UI. Is it possible to change/update?


You should be able to change in it your Authorization Server in Security > API.

To piggyback on what Matt’s response, the audience value is associated with the authorization server your application is using. If the issuer you’ve set for your application is https://oktaDomain/oauth2/default or similar, that means you are using the “Default” Custom Authorization Server that is created for you… by default by Okta.

As Matt said, you can update the audience for the authorization server you are using in the admin console, just keep in mind that this will affect all applications using this authorization server.

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